Gilmerton Inch Community Council

Established for local residents in November 2013.
The elected community council is comprised of volunteers who attend a regular monthly meeting to address local issues and engage with the local community.
We represent the views of local people on Neighbourhood Partnerships and convey these views to the Council and other organisations. We are governed by the Scheme for Community Councils

We look forward to working with you. 
Please keep us posted of anything you think may be of interest.

How can we support you?

We are the most local tier of statutory representation in Scotland, bridging between local authorities and communities, to help make public bodies aware of the opinions and needs of the local community.

Our purpose is to support communities and express views of the residents to the local authority and other public bodies.
We are also involved in a wide range of other activities, including fundraising, organising community events, undertaking environmental and educational projects and much more.

There are currently around 1200 community councils in Scotland, all composed of elected volunteers from the community.

Community Council legislation
Community councils were created by the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973. The Act required local authorities to introduce community council schemes for their area outlining various arrangements including elections, meetings, boundaries, and finance. Local authorities have the freedom to tailor schemes to the particular circumstances of their area.

Local authorities and other bodies consult with community councils on issues affecting the community. These issues depend to a large extent on what is important to each community, however local authorities are required to consult community councils on planning applications and involve them in the Community Planning process.

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